2021 DoSER Spring Newsletter

The 2021 DoSER Spring Newsletter included announcements about our 25th anniversary celebration, recordings and articles from our 2020 Holiday Lecture and the 2021 AAAS Annual Meeting, a new short film called "Humans and Race," and other exciting updates.
2021 DoSER Spring Newsletter

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SAVE THE DATE: Where Science, Ethics, & Religion Intersect in a Changing World
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Forward Together: Where Science, Ethics, & Religion Intersect in a Changing World

June 15, 2021, 1:00 - 5:00 pm ET

Humans and Race
  • Video
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Humans & Race: The Series

A new video series from AAAS DoSER exploring the past and present intersections of science and racism. This series will explore difficult topics such as how science contributed to racism, how modern science understands humanity as one species, how racism is still real, and how the history of science is far from perfect when it comes to racist ideas.

Zoom screenshot of Dr. Rob O'Malley,Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Dr. Jada Benn Torres, and Rev. Dr. Robert A. Turner
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Silenced Stories Given New Voice with the Help of Science

  • McKenzie Prillaman

On February 10, 2021, DoSER hosted a AAAS Annual Meeting session that explored how scientific tools have supported the revitalization…