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The most important thing we do in science is to make it real and important for the people that we’re speaking to.

Fatimah Jackson, Director, W. Montague Cobb Research Laboratory, Howard University

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A group of students gather at an Earth Day event
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DoSER Initiative Focuses on Climate Science and Theology

  • Lilah Sloane-Barrett

This 3-year project will provide grants for seminaries to meaningfully engage forefront climate science in their curriculum and activities.

Five people stand posed in front of a stage. From left to right, there is Jennifer Wiseman, Alissa Haddaji, Hilding Neilson, Rachel Kline, and Pamela Conrad.
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Is Space for Everyone? Ethics from Earth to Space and Back

This session, from the 2023 AAAS Annual Meeting, increased understanding about creating an ethical future as humanity spreads out into…

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DoSER’s December Dialogues Explores Sleep, Equity and a More Restful Future

  • Andrea Korte

Sleep and rest are essential to our physical, mental and spiritual health, according to panelists at AAAS DoSER's 2023 December…


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Climate Science in Theological Education

Climate Science in Theological Education

Learn more about the Climate Science in Theological Education grant project, which engages the important issue of climate change in…

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A dolphin jumps into the air during an aquarium show. In the foreground are dark silhouettes of attendees.

Informal Science Learning (ISL)

In this pilot project, DoSER is partnering with ASTC, NMNH's Human Origins Program, and others to test a model for…

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Science for Seminaries 1

Science for Seminaries

Science for Seminaries is a longstanding DoSER project that offers grants to a diverse group of seminaries so that they…

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