Humans & Race: The Series

This video series from AAAS-DoSER explores the past and present intersections of science and racism. Watch the series here.

The “Humans & Race” video series, produced by AAAS-DoSER, explores the past and present intersections of science and racism. Delve into difficult topics including how science contributed to racism, the way modern science understands humanity as one species, the reality of racism still being very real and present, and how the history of science is far from perfect when it comes to racist ideas.

Watch the full series here:

Humans and Race

An Introduction to Humans & Race: Exploring the Intersections of Science and Racism

Watch the first of AAAS-DoSER’s “Humans & Race” video series, which introduces themes of the past and present as it intersects with science and racism.

Watch here. 

Humans and Race 3

Science as Mastery: A Story about Race & Power

This 27-minute documentary explores the intersection of the history of race, religion, and science as it relates to social structures and civil movements. This challenging and moving short film opens the door for discussions of scientific racism of the past and present, the use of religion and science as social tools, the continuing impact of eugenics in society, and the challenges of societal progress in the face of these histories.

Watch here.

The Legacy of Racist Science in Medicine 2

The Legacy of Racist Science in Medicine

What structures of power have influenced modern medicine? And at whose expense? In this installment of the Humans & Race video series, Dr. Deirdre Cooper Owens delves into the legacy of racist science in medicine.

Watch here.

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