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2021 DoSER Spring Newsletter Copy
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2022 Spring Newsletter: Who Is Science & More News from AAAS DoSER

Lilah Sloane-Barrett

The 2022 DoSER Spring Newsletter includes a goodbye letter from Dr. Jennifer Wiseman's as DoSER's Director, an overview of our…
Eight scientists, in the middle reads a banner
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Who Is Science?

Science is driven by people. It is a "shared human activity." This video series delves into the many facets of…
Three skulls in front of the words
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How Did Humans Become Human? Becoming Human: Parts 1 & 2

In this 2-part video series, scientists discuss how humans survived evolution and survived all other hominid species.
Becoming Human, Part 1, How did we get here?
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When Did Humans Become Human? Becoming Human, Part 1

When did humans become human? In this first part of our video series "Becoming Human," scientists ponder the evolution of…
Becoming Human. Why are we here and not others?
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How Did Humans Survive Evolution? Becoming Human, Part 2

Why are we here and none of the other hominids are? In this second video of "Becoming Human," scientists explore…
Science: a shared activity
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What Does It Mean To Be A Scientist?

What does it mean to be a scientist? How do scientists work together, and how do new scientific discoveries interact…
Jennifer Wiseman talking
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Science Can Answer the How, Can Religion Answer the Why?

"When it comes to existence and the cosmos, science and astronomy can explain the how but there’s a missing question…
Susan Sheridan talking
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Prayer and Pain – A 1500 Year-Old Mystery

Dr. Sue Sheridan, a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, sheds light on how monks prayed 1500…
James Gates talking
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Can You Solve Physics Problems With Your Dreams?

Dr. James Gates, Director of the Brown Theoretical Physics Center, encountered an unsolvable problem in physics called the Unequal Force…
Guy Consolmagno talks
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Should Religion Have a Place in Conversations About Science?

Dr. Guy Consolmagno, also known as the ‘Pope’s Astronomer,’ is both a scientist who studies the cosmos but also a…