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Humans and Race
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New Film Series Explores Science’s Role in Fighting Racism

Adam D. Cohen

DoSER has launched a new film series that explores human evolution, the history of scientific racism, and the lack of…
Humans and Race
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Humans and Race

A new video series from AAAS DoSER exploring the past and present intersections of science and racism. This series will explore difficult topics such…
Science: The Wide Angle Film Series 2
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  • 3 minute read

Science: The Wide Angle Film Series

AAAS DoSER, in collaboration with Fourth Line Films, has produced an exciting series of short films to spark discussion of…
Technology’s Built-In Machine Bias Reflects Racism, Scholar Says
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  • 2 minute read

Race to the Future: Values and Vision in the Design of Technology and Society

Dr. Ruha Benjamin explores the effects of machine bias and systemic racism in modern technology and how technology is often…
Shekhar Kolipaka looks at the camera in this headshot
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  • 12 minute read

Shekhar Kolipaka

We spoke with Shekhar Kolipaka about his approach to encouraging tiger conservation behavior in local Indian villages.
Gillian Hue stands in front of a bush on a sunny day, smiling at the camera with her arms crossed
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  • 7 minute read

Gillian Hue

We spoke with Gillian Hue about changing a 600-year-old monastic curriculum, being aware of the cultural reference frames of your…
Gregg Davidson smiles at the camera in this headshot
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  • 10 minute read

Gregg Davidson

We spoke with Gregg Davidson about approaching religious communities you belong to and providing a framework for those communities to…
Black and white headshot of Kate Carter
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  • 8 minute read

Kate Carter

We spoke with Kate Carter about showing your full self as a scientist, radical empathy, and helping people feel comfortable…
Get in Touch
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How are religious communities responding to climate change?

While there is broad agreement among scientists about the dangers of climate change, cultural disagreements persist about how we should…
Nancy Adleman smiles at the camera in this headshot
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Nancy Adleman

We spoke with Nancy Adleman about her experience as part of the Science for Seminaries program.