2022 Spring Newsletter: Who Is Science & More News from AAAS DoSER

The 2022 DoSER Spring Newsletter includes a goodbye letter from Dr. Jennifer Wiseman's as DoSER's Director, an overview of our new projects, events and resources, an introduction to our new visiting scholar, and more!
March 2022 Newsletter

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Who Is Science?

Science is driven by people. It is a "shared human activity." This video series delves into the many facets of…

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How Did Humans Become Human? Becoming Human: Parts 1 & 2

In this 2-part video series, scientists discuss how humans survived evolution and survived all other hominid species.

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“Our Connections to the Land Run Deep”: Belonging and Kinship with Nature

At the 2021 December Dialogues, Drew Lanham and Sevim Kalyoncu discussed how people can strengthen their connections to the natural…