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Susan Sheridan talking
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Prayer and Pain – A 1500 Year-Old Mystery

Dr. Sue Sheridan, a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, sheds light on how monks prayed 1500…
Joseph Graves talks
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Racism – Can We Use Science to Fight It?

Dr. Joseph Graves, Professor of Biological Science at North Carolina AT&T State University, has spent his life studying genetics and…
David Go talks
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Why Do We Get Hung Up on the Word ‘Theory’ of Darwin’s Theory?

Dr. David Go is a Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, and has noticed…
James Gates talking
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Can You Solve Physics Problems With Your Dreams?

Dr. James Gates, Director of the Brown Theoretical Physics Center, encountered an unsolvable problem in physics called the Unequal Force…
Guy Consolmagno talks
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Should Religion Have a Place in Conversations About Science?

Dr. Guy Consolmagno, also known as the ‘Pope’s Astronomer,’ is both a scientist who studies the cosmos but also a…
Sean B Carroll talking
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Evolution & Religion – Are We Asking the Wrong Questions?

Dr. Sean Carroll, a Professor of genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, talks about the discourse of evolution and religion.
Jada Benn Torres talking.
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Can Genetics Change How We View Race?

Dr. Jada Benn-Torres is a researcher and Professor of Anthropology at Vanderbilt University, where she is leading a team to…
Fuentes talking.
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Humility—Can it Exist in Science?

Humility—what role does it play in science? What can scientists learn from religion? Dr. Agustin Fuentes, a Professor of Anthropology…
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Engaging Scientists in the Science and Religion Dialogue Final Report

Release of the final report for the Engaging Scientists in the Science and Religion Dialogue project (2016-2021).
Zoom screenshot of four speakers - from upper left to bottom right is the ASL Interpreter, Drew Lanham, Katy Hinman, and Sevim Kalyoncu.
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How To Strengthen Our Connections to the Natural World

Zaid Jilani

How can people strengthen their connections to natural world? That was the question addressed during the 2021 December Dialogues with…