Ethical Analysis and Advocacy II

This course, taught by Jennifer S. Leath at Iliff School of Theology, invites students to think about ethical analysis and advocacy from a variety of different lenses.
  • Date Published

    February 1, 2020

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Beginning with attention to ancient Egyptian and Greek morality, this course provides a framework for modern historic, modern, and post-modern models of ethical analysis. Interwoven throughout this course are historical accounts and writings that have defined Christian ethics and contemporary challenges of advocacy that surface through an emphasis on contemporary voter suppression. Defining, describing and deepening students’ knowledge of ethical analysis, this course also introduces students to advocacy through multi-media explorations of ethics in action, classroom exercises, and presentations that demonstrate students’ application of the theoretical approaches to ethics introduced throughout the class. The framework of this course follows virtues and a liberal arts curriculum uncovered through research of Ancient Egypt.

Course Categories: Ethics
Science Topics: Physics and Cosmos
Seminaries: Iliff School of Theology
Syllabus: Ethical Analysis and Advocacy
Tags: astronomy, ethics