Eastern Icons

A history of Eastern Christian icons and architecture, and the iconoclastic controversy.
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Description: A history of Eastern Christian icons and architecture, and the iconoclastic controversy. Readings from Nicea II, Theodore the Studite, John of Damascus and Theodore Abu Ourrah. Iconography and spirituality. Byzantine, Slavic, Coptic, Ethiopian and modern icons. The techniques of writing an icon. Lectures-seminar, reflection papers, major paper. [Cross-listed to Theology]. Class sessions will cover the following sequence of topics: Historical Background: Christology and Iconoclasm. The prohibition of images in the Scriptures; the Christological context; dura-Europas; The triumph of Orthodoxy: The Iconophile Position. John of Damascus (676-749); Theodore Abu Ourrah (755-830); Iconoclastic council of 754; St. Catherine’s monastery (Sinai) & St. Sophia’s (Constantinople); Types of icons of Christ; The Council of Nicea II (787) and the Sunday of Orthodoxy; Theodore The Studite (759- 826); Types of icons of the Theotokos-Mary; SPIRITUALITY OF ICON WRITERS & PRAYING WITH ICONS; Prayer before writing an icon and for the consecration of icons; beginning to read & write icons; the Face; ICONOGRAPHY IN KYIVAN-RUS’; Ukrainian and Russian Icons (11th – 15th centuries); St. Sophia’s (Kyiv); Rublev’s Trinity; ARCHITECTURE, ICONOSTASES AND FESTIVAL ICONS; Ancient, medieval and modern icon-screens; initial stages of writing an icon; Icons of the lconostasis & of Saints; ICONS OF CHRIST / COLOURS AND PERSPECTIVES; Laws of colour and inverse-perspective; stages of writing an icon; ICONS OF THE PASCHA & COMPLETING AN ICON Further discussion and analysis of icons from the Lenten period; Saints; LITURGY & ICONS; A MODERN UKRAINIAN CHURCH; Icons in the liturgical and architectural setting; Modern Icons; AESTHETICS. ARCHITECTURE AND WORSHIP. The course includes a visit to a church to experience iconography in its liturgical and architectural setting.

Seminary: Regis College, University of Toronto

Science areas: Geology and the environment, psychology, history of science

Eastern Icons (Skira)

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