DoSER Projects

DoSER's projects respond to the rising themes and trends in the scientific and religious communities. Keep reading to learn more about our projects.

Current Projects

Climate Science in Theological Education

Climate Science in Theological Education

The Climate Science in Theological Education project provides grants to seminaries to specifically engage the important issue of climate change in the context of theological education and ministry.

This project is taking grant applications from July 24 – September 18, 2023.

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The Engaging Scientists Logo featuring overlapping hexagons with various scientific pictures inside some hexagons: hurricane, wetlands, Western blot, etc.

Engaging Scientists and Faith Communities (formerly Engaging Scientists in the Science and Religion Dialogue)

Supports scientists, educators, and communicators in thoughtful, inclusive science communication and engagement activities.

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Hexagons with different images - person with palms open, an MRI, a Petri dish

Science for Theological Education

Equipping faith leaders with the knowledge they need to confidently discuss scientific issues.

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Collaborating Projects

DoSER is pleased to collaborate with a number of programs on projects that facilitate dialogue between scientific and religious communities.

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Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS)

Creates opportunities for church leaders to connect with world-class science and scientists, to develop well-informed, theologically grounded, practical knowledge about the world and our place in it.

DoSER is pleased to collaborate with ECLAS for this project.

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Scientists in Synagogues

Explores the most interesting and pressing questions surrounding Judaism and science.

DoSER is pleased to collaborate with Sinai and Synapses for this project.

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Past Projects

Science for Seminaries 1

Science for Seminaries

Provides grants, workshops, and resources to a diverse group of seminaries so that they can integrate forefront science into their core curricula.

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Engaging Faith Communities with Zooniverse

A citizen science platform that allows all people – no matter their background, training, or expertise – to contribute to real academic research.

DoSER is pleased to collaborate with Dr. Grace Wolf-Chase and Zooniverse for this project.

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DoSER Projects

Perceptions Project

This project investigated the relationship between science and Evangelical Christianity and developed resources that enabled these communities to communicate more effectively.

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